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recently I was having a lot of trouble with my computer no charging/getting power. I tested the ac adapter and I was getting the right volts out of it, so I figured it was the dc power jack on the motherboard. I completely disassembled the laptop, so that I could fix/replace the power jack only to find out that it seems fine. However, there is a small component located right behind the power jack on the mother board that is burnt and I'm not sure what it is. the laptop is an asus g71gx-rx05 with no modifications. The motherboard is an Asus 60-NVZMB1000-A01. Pictures are below of the component and somewhat of its location in respect to the power jack. Let me know if you need more pics or info.

Thanks in advance, really looking forward to some help(hopefully)

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  1. What kind of issues are you having? I think I have the same issues with my laptop and my screen keeps flickering like its toggling between battery and dc and yet I have no battery in it right now. I was going to take mine apart too to see but haven't tried yet. Did you have to disassemble the whole thing to get to the dc port?
  2. That my fellows is a resistor. Used to reduce the amount of voltage required for some of the components of the board in the electric circuit,
    keeping them at the right voltage level required to run them safely. You would need to find out what the resistance value of the resistor was.
    And replace it with the same value of resistor. Since it has blown there is no chance of you finding its value, unless you could read the specs printed on the top of the resistor in Ohms.
    In any case a blown resistor can indicate over voltage, wear and tear, or in some cases a back feed of electrical current somewhere else in the electrical circuit causing it to blow.
  3. @dvo352 yes, I was having that issue for awhile where it would go between battery and ac power and then it got worse and I couldn't get it to charge. I found some videos online because the only way to get to the power jack is to completely take apart the laptop, however you do not need take off the CPU or video card. But it is an incredible pain in the rear.
    @weaselman I figured it was a resistor, Do you know of anyway to get a schematic to possibly determine it? Otherwise if I can find the voltage the mobo runs on I know the voltage coming into the power jack and I can possibly calculate the resistor value needed , probably a little far fetched but I'm hopeful since I've come this far

    Thanks so much for the reply, I was beginning to get worried
  4. I will try my best to locate the resistor. and get a part no or its Ohms rating.
  5. Cool! I just thought maybe I could google the mobo and find a really high quality image, to possibly get a number on it
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    Looked high and low for the surface mount resistor. I could not come up with a match for the SMR used on the board in the main Picture where it is blown (SMR) Surface Mount Resistor. I cannot get its Ohms Value.
    The only way would be to open another model of the laptop with a good working one and do a Ohms multi meter test of it. Sorry I did try Husker.
  7. @weaselman Thanks for trying, I haven't found anything yet either. Nice effort though!

    @dvo352 Have you gotten yours apart yet? If you have, might you be so kind as to check out that resistor for me?

    or Anyone else happen to have their G71 apart to maybe take a resistor reading? Thanks!
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  9. I havent yet. I'll do it soon though. How did you check your ac adapter? I think its the part that connects to the dc jack that is broken for me. Its kinda bent sometimes and I have to bend it back in place plus the cord itself has always sat at a certain angle and now I think that might cause some shorting.
  10. I just used a volt meter to test it, just touch one probe to the outside and one to the inside. If it reads the right value your good( even if it's negative) I believe it should be 19.7 volts.
  11. Asus uses small metal clips for continuity between the case and the large rear hatch. These come loose due to poor manufacturing methods and design. I found one down by the power jack and one behind the CPU on my G71. I removed them and secured all of them with "marine" Goop. Check for. Rogue grounding clips before attacking the circuitry.
  12. My G71GX-RX05 lose image after unplugging it from AC power line.. Just a nice BSOD in Win7, and then it started to loose video. The first time while initializing Windows, the second after BIOS and now i can only hear Republic Of Games explosion during BIOS, but no video at all. It also destroys my disc MBR, but i managed to repair it. So, i removed the display(literaly) and now im using it with an external monitor, because VGA and HDMI outputs works fine. I disassembled the notebook but cant see any component burned, sadly.

    Now, the good and bad news for you: i was searching for some info with my problem, and ended up here. I was very close to help you, so i did. The component you've burned says B4 on it. I cant really confirm its a resistor. I measure its resistence and it seems to be around 94kohms (be careful, the component was still soldered, so this value can be completly wrong because of other components connected to those lines, like other resistors, capacitors,etc).

    Here you have a picture that may help you search for the component:

    And a picture of my new Frankestein (thank you so much ASUS, i will never try again to do something so crazy like unplugging the notebook from AC line).

    I was just about to buy a G75VW, but seems that i will turn to Toshiba, MSI or Dell next time.
  13. @ SaturnAR Thank you! that is the best info I've got! I had given up, but I still have all the laptop components! It looks lie it is turning into my next project. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  14. You're welcome.

    Good luck!
  15. I was wondering if you ever found that resistor I have a customer brought in their computer thought it may be the video card got it apart found that resistor dead i would like to save them the 200 bucks on another mb.
  16. Hi there,

    I don't meant to revive an old thread, but I didn't see the correct solution here, so I figured I'd pipe in since I have a laptop here that has the same burnt diode as this.

    After combing this thread as well as reading the schematics for the motherboard, I've determined that the burnt component is a "Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Diode".

    Part# SS0540

    Here are some on ebay>>
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