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This is my friend's problem. Basically he's directly connected to his internet via modem provided by Verizon. He can only go on select sites such as google. Youtube takes 2 mins to load. He's renewed his ip via cmd, he's called Verizon and they said they'll get back to him in 24 hours (he likes his internet), he's done a power cycle, you name it. He can connect on ventrilo, but only certain servers. It's really weird, I've never heard of such a problem. We're giving him DNS's to try and stuff, but it's not working. It's not his computer as he tried 3 other different laptops/desktops. Any ideas?
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  1. Simply put, the ISP needs to check on this. I'd reset all settings back to DHCP default and wait for them.

    Since there is no router to check for issues, you tried several computers, issue remains with either a faulty modem or his line settings.
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