Dell P360 slots?

Konichiwa! I am not very familiar with my motherboard. May I know if the Dell P360 has PCI slots for Video Cards? Thank you in advance.
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  1. As can be found at

    - 2 full height PCI
    - 1 PCIe x16 full height graphics

    You shouldn't use PCI slots for a graphics card when a much faster PCIe slot is available.
  2. Ah, I'm sorry. I meant Precision Workstation 360. Thanks though for linking me to the site, it helped me find the specs.
  3. As you already found out, the Precision Workstation 360 has an AGP slot for the graphics card.
  4. Ah, yes, I agree. In my opinion though, graphics card which support AGP 8x are barely being produced(or at least, I think so.) I wanted to make sure that I would not buy a PCI graphics card without having a PCI slot.

    Also, to others....

    Precision Workstation 360 has PCI slots and a single(?) AGP slot.
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