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Dual output monitor for optiplex 755

I would like to know what card I need to have a dual monitor output on my Dell Optiplex 755? I currently just have the onboard card.

The university told me to buy this one:
PNY nVidia GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2 DMS59 Low Profile PCI-Express Video Card VCG84DMS5R3SXPB

Dell wants me to buy this one:

ATI Radeon HD 4350 DMS59 512 MB DDR2 PCIe 2.0 SFF Graphic Card

I would like to know what are the other cards available (if possible cheap as this is not to play games). Since I have a mini tower, a low profile PCI express 16 2.0 card is an obligation.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I would pick one of the low profile HD 5450 myself
    in your situation
    under $40 USD on Newegg

    just make sure what outputs you need for the monitors

    are they VGA,DVI or HDMI monitors?

    some monitors have all three
    the VGA is usually blue with a female plug
    the DVI is usually white with a female plug
    the HDMI is a socket
  2. The monitors will not be a problem as they can have either DVI or VGA output.
  3. I have another question do I need to choose a card with DDR2 or DDR3? Would a card with DDR3 be compatible with my Dell mini tower Optiplex 755?
  4. You do not have to have the same memory type for your graphics card as your PC. they are independent of each other.
  5. Any vaguely current discrete video card can handle two monitors.
  6. That is great.

    OK. So, it sounds like any recent card can give me the double monitor output. I can choose either PCIe x16 2.0 and 2.1

    The card has to be slim/low profile to fit.

    PROBLEM: the problem is with the low profile bracket. Most cards have DVI, VGA and HDMI output. But that is on a normal bracket. The low profile bracket only allows the HDMI and the DVI. So, here is a dilemma if my monitors only accept DVI and FGA connections.

    Is there a way around the problem above? If not, it seems that I need to stick with a card that has a Y DVI or VGA cable. Do all recent cards support this kind of cable?

    Thank you a lot for your help guys!
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    on my HD 5670
    it is low profile
    it has HDMI,DVI and VGA
    what happens is that it will have a second PCI bracket
    that holds the VGA which is on an extended cable
    I needed all my PCI slots
    so I just unscrewed the VGA from the bracket
    and let is stick out from the slot
    if you are not using the PCI slot next to the video card then you would just use
    the VGA PCI blank in that slot

    different card makers use different plugs on their cards so be careful

    also be careful with PCIe 2.1 since they dont always work in PCIe 1.0 slots

    the ATI HD 5xxx series is usually 2.1
    even if the box says 2.0 I believe all of the HD 5xxx are still 2.1

    if you dont want to take a chance
    then a HD 4xxx would be your best bet since they are 2.0
    perfectly fine as long as you are not gaming

    The HD 4650 is a good card in that series and cheap
    the HD 4670 would give a little more performance
    the HD 4350 (edit) is the cheapest
    any would be good choices

    for the money I would pick the HD 4650 myself (actually I did- I own one and now is in wife's computer)
    great little multimedia card
    low power draw
    good price
  8. Oh to be fair to Nvidia
    the 8400GS and the 210 are good cards for what you are doing also

    as long as you are not gaming or doing intensive 3D work any of these and the ATI cards would be fine
  9. Well. I bought an ASUS HD 5450 from Newegg that wrongly listed it as a 2.0 card, though it is a 2.1.
    I installed and and the screen blinks. Installing the drivers did not solve my problem. I contacted Dell and they told me I possibly have a DOA card.
    I do not have any other PCI exp to test on my system and no other optiplex 755 to test if that is my slot that is damaged.
    Any idea?
  10. If there's a BIOS update for your motherboard it could help but you most likely need to return it for a 2.0 card.
  11. I upgraded the bios without any success. I knew this would happen because the problem with stripes running through the screen happened as soon as I start the PC. The problem exists also if I access the bios.

    The Dell tech guy told me that this card should be compatible with all PCI exp -16x.

    There is a deal on this card MSI N520GT-MD1GD3/LP GeForce GT 520 (Fermi) 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card. However I am running XP pro 32 bit.

    would this one do?
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