POSSIBLE graphics card failure - crashing issue with newbuild.

I've got an AMD PhenomII X4 955 and a Gigabyte 880GM mobo, 8gb DDR3
650w PSU and a 5750 RADEON HD

Thing being.. the ATi (VTX3D branded) 5750 RADEON HD is fresh. Everything was fine until I installed this card.. and now after a few minutes the game just crashes.

Is there a huge possibility the card is just mega weak and is crashing out itself? To be honest with you I have LITERALLY tried everything, and the system is all fine trust me, I know that much.

Generally if I was overloading the card, the frames would skip.

I've updated and re-installed EVERYTHING on the PC.. works fine with the integrated graphics, crashes with the *NEW* card.

The card is a VTX3D branded one. Should I demand a refund and get a half decent branded card? Or am I doing something wrong?

REALLY could be doing with some help here!!

Now I must assure you.. the build of my system is perfect. I didn't jump any lines. The system is barely even 8 months old! This isn't a CPU, mobo, RAM or cable problem.

Literally this only happens with this stupid card in. It plays anything on FULL graphics pretty much.. but then just suddenly black screens and makes a nice scary crashing noise, then reboots. SOMETIMES it comes up multiple vertical lines perfectly gapped in order.. same black screen but green lines.

So basically.. I have a feeling that the 2 year warranty on this card is, hopefully, gonna back me up?!

I'd seriously appreciate some help guys. I stress I've updated DirectX, I've tried Catalyst Control Centre, I've uninstalled all the ATI and AMD programs for the card then re-installed. I've did it driver only. I've tried the drivers off the CD. I'm exhausted and confused.

ALSO.. games range hugely. COD Black Ops, TestDrive2Unlimited, DeadIsland, PES 2011, Sonic&Sega Allstars (yes I know haha) And same problems.

Again, any help will be appreciated. :fou: :bounce:
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  1. is the heatsink attached firmly to the graphics card?

    Do you have CCC installed? How are the fans settings?
  2. Yep. Everything lol. Its an Antec 300 case and the fans are set to super high, I tried it with CCC for yonks and then thought maybe that was the problem.

    From a quick Google search, I'm getting the idea the card is just a joke. Perhaps VTX are guilty of bad workmanship. It sucks because the card was 80 bucks, but I got it 'cos I had an Amazon voucher. Which isn't good because I hear they're totally mince with their returns...
  3. Have a nice branded 650w PSU or it's a generic one? Could ur PSU 12v line defective?
    Can u test another GPU card?
  4. Branded PSU. I'm going to check on my old system, which my sister now has, by putting the RADEON 1650 XT into mine and, indeed, my RADEON 5750 into hers and hopefully I'll be able to find out that it's either a motherboard or graphics card failure. I never even thought of the testing cards and mobo until my mate mentioned it earlier, if anyone has any other suggestions do give me a shout, I'll be trying the cards out today and will be dually back in touch to tell you all how it goes :)

    Seriously.. thanks for the help here guys. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have updated my footy game to have the full SPL and scottish leagues in it but for it to crash on every run, nevermind the inability to play Dead Island and Black Ops!!
  5. You mentioned on reboot you some times get green lines. Do these line persist into the windows screen or do they only display on the black screen before the windows screen?

    Graphical glitching like that suggests the video card is failing. I has a similar issue where i would get a blue screen or a driver stopped responding error. I thought it was my video card but after testing the video card in another pc it was fine. The issue turned out to be fluctations and noise in the 12volt rail on my 3 year old PSU. I replaced the PSU and every thing was fine.

    See if you an get a digital volt meter and check the 12 volt rails on the pcie connections and on the 24pin motherboard connection.
  6. Ah.. the green lines happen WHEN it crashes, then it reboots. Not whilst its rebooting.

    I'll try the volt meter idea as well indeed, how do I do that? Check it on the PCIe when the system's on? I'll whip out the mobo manual to find the 24p connection.

    This is really helping :) I'm hoping the card sucks. That'd solve it. Get a refund and buy a more powerful 6870 for another 40 quid on top of what I spent. Easy.

    I'm just highly doubtful it can be the mobo or the PSU because I studied my cheeks off to make sure I got reputable, decent parts that were tried and tested, they both got 5 star rates.. can't mind where from of course because they don't appear to stock them anymore haha..

    Please people.. cross those fingers.. I want this to be the GPU so I can just move on with my life and know that I was dumb in picking out the cheapest part to keep me going. The rest of the build was A1, and still is without the GPU. I know it could be the PCIe slot on the mobo that's failing however.. so I just hope the 1650 can do its best in my little beastie :P
  7. Ok so no lines during reboot. That could be a driver or windows error or it could be bad video card.

    This could be any thing still.

    Step 1 make sure you have the newest video driver from the AMD website installed.

    Step 2 is to check temps on the video card using a program like MSI Afterburner. That is quick and easy. Install the program and then enable ON Screen Display. Watch the temp in the top corner as you play. You will see it go from like 50 when you are at the desk top up to 80ish. It should be under 90.

    Another idea might be to test your video card in another PC.

    Step 3 If all that checks out use Core Temp to check the CPU temps. Same deal as above. It’s a free DL and you simply run the program in the back ground as you play. It has no onscreen display but it will tell you what the highest temp reached on each core was.

    Only if all temps are good should you proceed.

    Step 4 Use Windows to test the ram. Quick and easy costs nothing. Just type memory test into the win7 help box. The first option will take you through the process.

    If none of this gives you any answers then we should move on to testing the PSU.
  8. Ok, cheers Nutty, and indeed everyone else! :) Stuff this tho, I've exhausted all these avenues and I did the memory test run, nothings up. The CPU temps are very low, and indeed an FYI, the GPU never went above 62oC, but jokishly it still does the freeze problem.

    After all else failed and I knew the GPU was screwed up I thought ok, give CCC a shot at going mental on its ass and let it try to OC it. Worked actually.... then the game froze, then continued from where it froze.. then did the same about 5 times. I ctrl-alt-del'd and then tabbed to the manager to close the game.. ah.. weird colour schemes and blocky taboo on the go so it wasn't a stable clock. I reset the card, and then dually contacted Amazon to tell them I want a refund because I won't be touching VTX with a proverbial bargepole ever again!

    Its definately just the card tho. The ENTIRE system is perfect, and I can say I'm more than proud of myself that my first actual homebuild cannot be faulted but for a shabby graphics card mistake. Also RE the card.

    ANYONE who has been having these problems. I've checked it.. they won't go away. It's to do with when the card idles then goes back to speed during gameplay, eg when the screen is supposed to briefly go blank or a cutscene or suchlike happens. I realise it more with PES 2011 as there are a lot of replays, and when it goes to do so it crashes. Period. But it can also crash in game so it's hit and miss.

    I'd say just avoid this series to be safe. A large proportion of the cards are fine, but the ammount of issues found on Google is astonishing, and ATI/AMD have admitted there are problems.

    They were working on it in January 2010, and there are hotfixes here and there. But they don't work with all the games.. so why they didn't just do a complete re-call and admit their fail I'll never know.. scared of losing money and reputation? Possibly.

    They fixed the issue with the 6xxx series tho, and I'll never try out nVidia because they're designed more for editing than gaming, I mean look at the prices for the same number of processing cores.. painful :P

    If anyone has any advice on the BEST manufacturers, do go ahead.

    I've heard that XFX are one of the most reliable, and indeed I believe Sapphire are as the old trusty 1650XTX never let me down (DAMN it was superpowered in its day lol)
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