LC Power HEatsink I3 2100

Hello! I´ve an i3 2100 with Intel Stock Fan, I was thinking in change it for this one:

I bought it a year ago, but never used it, would it be better than Intel Stock Cooler???

Thank you¡¡¡
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  1. It doesn't look like it would do any better.
  2. But will you change it?? I mean I´ve this LCPower Cooler, if it is only 5 % better than Intel Stock Cooler, I will change it, because my Stock Fan is noisy...

  3. If the stock cooler is bothering you, then sure, go ahead and give it a try. It can't be any worse than the stock cooler.
  4. [Thank you¡
    That is what I wanted to know.
  5. After been searching for a while, I´ve found this review:

    Tested in a PIV 84 W ... In my 65 W I3 I expect better results.
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