GTX 260 - is this GPU dead or can I still save it?

I recently bought a "defective" GTX260. I was hoping I could still get it to work properly again.
Reasons why it was called "defective":
-can only play HD movies

-SD movies would only show up on 1/4 of the screen, 1/2 is black and 1/4 green

-could not play any 3D game; was showing DirectX error; but with 2D games, there were no issues.

-resolution maximum is 1280 x 1024 only on his monitor (when I plugged it on my rig, max was 1600 x 1200; there are no widescreen options)



-got home, plugged the Palit GTX 260 216SP card on my board, downloaded driver from Palit website - After installing it, the Nvidia program could not run and it was showing an error message saying that I am not currently using a display attached to an NVIDA GPU. This is not true because the VGA is running and my monitor is connected to it.

-After I got that message, I tried to update driver using the device manager. There's a yellow triangle with an exclamation point on the VGA saying it's not working properly. Under "Device status": Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). Tried Disabling and Re-enabling the device, tried to update driver (according to Windows, latest drivers are installed), tried uninstalling and replugging GPU, still no a no go.

-Downloaded GPU-Z. GPU is detected but Pixel Fillrate, Texture Fillrate, and Bandwith are blank ("Unknown" can be read but those are grayed out). The rest contain info about the GPU but the line across GPU Clock all show 0MHz. More info below:

GPU-Z Complete Info
Name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
GPU: GT200---------------------------Revision: B1
Technology: 55nm--------------------Die Size: 487mm2
Release Date: Jun 16, 2008-----------Transistors: 1400M

BIOS Version:

Device ID: 10DE - 05E2------------Subvendor: Undefined (0000)
ROPs: 28--------------------------Bus Interface: PCI-E x16@ x16
Shaders: 216 Unified---------------DirectX Support: 10.0 / SM4.0

Pixel Fillrate: Unknown--------------Texture Fillrate: Unknown
Memory Type: DDR3----------------Bus With: 448 bit
Memory Size: 896 MB---------------Bandwith: Unknown

Driver Version: nvlddmkm (ForceWare 275.33) / Win7 64

GPU Clock: 0MHz----------Memory: 0MHz---------Shader: 0MHz
Default Clock: 625 MHz----Memory: 1100MHz-----Shader: 1348MHz


Under Sensors, GPU Core Clock is 0.0 MHz, GPU Memory Clock is 0.0 MHz, GPU Temp is -64^C, PCB Temp is 61.3^C

-This is not a problem with the OS or motherboard port or anything like that. I know this for a fact because I'm using the same motherboard with my GTX460 and there is no problem. I did not use my personal HDD since I did not want to uninstall drivers for GTX 460, so I bought a cheap 80GB HDD, installed a fresh OS and after that, I already plugged the GTX 260. Display is plugged on to the port of the GTX260 and I don't have any artifacts when I'm on any Windows screen but when I go to the booting options or when I press on delete during start up, there are artifacts on the whole screen - white dots running across the screen. After I exit the booting options, artifacts are gone.

Thanks to all who read my first post and to the rest who's reading this. Please tell me your opinion about the matter, whether you think this is a dead GPU or if I can still try to do something else to save it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm already planning to flash the BIOS and if that still won't work, last resolve will be to bake it.
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  1. >,<
    At least 35 people have read this post.. or as the forums say so, but no one has posted any reply.
    I'm getting worried, no one wants to waste their time posting a reply because the GPU is already dead. I hope that's not true.

    Any info at all will be good. Even if it's just an opinion or even if you're not sure. I'm willing to do some researching, I just need someone to point out the right direction.
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