GA-B75M-D3P No Video Help

Intel i5 3570K
HD 4000
16GB Corsair DDR3
San Disk Extreme 128GB SSD
Sony DVD

I just got finished with a new build, OS installed perfectly and everything was running swell (install was done using the DVI-out). Rebooted a couple of times and no issues.

Then I cleaned up some cabling, put the case back together and hooked up another monitor to the HDMI out (so 1 monitor using HDMI, 1 using DVI) to test out dual monitor, booted up and no video.

At first I thought it wasn't posting so I removed the board, disconnected everything except RAM and PSU and figured out that it was posting. Then took an old ATI card, installed it and hooked up a monitor to it and was able to get a video signal.

At this point BIOS was F4, so I cleared the CMOS and flashed to F6, hooked up a monitor to the on board DVI and everything worked fine.

Put the board back in along with everything else booted up video from the DVI/HDMI/VGA ports!!!

Reflashed F6 but this time still no video. Flashed F5 and F4 to see if they would work and still no video.

Only thing I haven't tried yet is breadboxing the board again, but is it possible something on the case is shorting out just the on board video?? Or is something in the BIOS automatically turning the integrated graphics off??

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Ok, so I went back into the BIOS and changed both Integrated Graphics options to Enabled instead of Auto and that seemed to work.

    Will try a couple of reboot cycles to see if it sticks...
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