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Good GPU and Decent Mobo or Good Mobo and Decent GPU?

November 4, 2012 4:25:20 PM

Hi people of Toms Hardware again :) .
I am upgrading to an i7 System, and i'm in a Mobo dillema, should i buy the MSI Z77A-GD55.
I am aware that this is one of the older MSI boards, replaced by the MPower, but should i buy a cheap Mobo and get a maybe 7870 GPU or Crossfire my 6850's and get the Mpower?
So the question is, Good board and decent Gpu or Good GPU and Decent board?
The board will be getting crossfire action with my new GPU at some point anyway.
I am aware also that both of these boards have the OC Genie 2 Feature, please give me your opinions :) .

Many Thanks,
(Also i have a £230-£250 Budget, but i will save lots of money on the way :) )