Im making a gaming computer using amd bulldozer 8150 i need help

i plan on playing battlefield 3//W.o.W.+skyrim. and more 2-3 games ata time even though most games only use 2-3 cores will i be optimizing my 8 core useage when i play multiple games or does it still use only 2-3 cores

with the cpu i bought a asus v formula 990x board .
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  1. Still only uses whatever cores its designed to use. Most console ports use 2 only use 2 cores. The extra cores can handle other tasks thankfully. Like when Iplay Skyrim, a console port, I almost always have a browser or two open as well as the always on stuff like A/V, spyware and windows background tasks and I can see most of my 6 cores hit 20-30%
  2. is their a better combo for multi gaming?
  3. not sure what your trying to do. are you trying to use one computer so 2-3 different people can play or just leaving games on in the background?
  4. the fx chip is a server part. not a gaming part. its single threaded performance is poor. it only shows its true potential when it performs a single task across all 8 core/modules/marshmellows... what your gonna ask it to do it may well be capable of but not in any meaning full way.
    you would need separate inputs and outputs. basically build a server with terminals rather than a network. this is where the home builds fall down as they have neither the bandwidth on the memory or the ability to run multiple separate terminals. there just not built with that in mind...

    what you want/need for your project is a server.
  5. thanks for the answers i gues is stick with it for now til i can aford a server :) its better then my current intel pentium dual core at 2.7 ghz and stock motherboard
  6. it is better than your current system but really there are better option out there.
    a good budget build will see you ok for most things. but gaming isnt exactly a cheap hobby. and the hardware can be confusing to get your head round...
    if your really wanting to build a quality gaming system then you could do worse than look at intels offerings as currently they are the market leader...
    which at the minute is a good thing but in a few years may not be.
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