Should I Wait OR Build NOW?

Hello Everyone,
I am torn between waiting for the new sockets from the ivy bridge & new the series from nvidia OR just building a rig now. I was originally planning on getting a new powerhouse system together before skyrim came out ! XD I haven't been the biggest upgrader in the past, but I want this system to be future-proof and I will be upgrading now! Though, anything from the beginning of ivy bridge and 600 series by nvidia are going to preform about the same and cost more then anything from high end sandy bridge and 500 series cards right?

If I built the system now, I wouldn't be able to use triple monitors correctly, because 1155 board doesn't support double or triple graphic cards at x16 , right? And the current 590 cards doesn't have enough bandwidth for triple 1080p... right even though it's two 580 stacked? OR would I get bottlenecked at i7 2600k instead of the bandwidth limitations from triple 1080p resolution?
My current system [not the build in my sig] could handle the game OK, but it would be a horrible experience. HA!

I appreciate any feedback and sorry for the stupid questions. XD
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  1. You can support triple monitors with one graphics card you know ;)

    I guess it depends what you're doing with the computer. If you are doing serious heavy video editing, or intensive 3d work, possibly wait, but even then the current sandy bridge is good. Plus a lot of ivy bridge (for lga1155) will be compatible with current lga1155 motherboards.

    So if you have the money, get a sandy bridge machine because they kick butt, and they're future proof as far as upgrading to ivy bridge I believe. Just get a z68 chipset motherboard. Possibly one of the few that offer PCI-E 3.0.
  2. Thanks for the input. Though, I was under the impression that the 590 would have bandwidth issues compared to dual 580s? Also, isn't all of the the high end ivy bridge processors going to require the 2011 socket? AND on top of that, does the new pcie 3.0 really offer anything that great compared to the current pcie when they roll out? And for sure, I am looking to build a crazy powerhouse build, something high high end. I am also interested in going maybe 5x1 landscape for this new build, but at first at least trip 1080p.
  3. No, the first Ivy Bridge will be the lga2011, but I'm sure they'll make them for lga1155 socket. It's 22nm manufacturing tech. For example, LGA775 supported 90nm, then 65nm, then the newer 45nm. Same with pretty much every socket.

    Also as a note, 1080p is a pretty stretched ratio at 16:9 I believe. If you are poring some good money into your build, Look into something like a 2560x1440 or something. Then it won't be so stretched.

    And as long as you're running a single gtx590 on a x16 lane , you shouldn't run into any bandwidth issues. Dual gtx580s won't be bottlenecked too badly (assuming you're running two x8 slots). If you are going gnu intensive, it would pay off to wait until lga2011, because I believe you'd be able to run dual x16's though I'm not sure.

    And the only thing I know about pcie 3.0 is that it will offer greater bandwidth, and also AMD's HD7000 series will be compatible with the 3.0 slots. It'll be backwards compatible with 2.0 too, but you'll get the best speeds (definitely for high end cards) on the pcie 3.0 slots.
  4. I'm sorry, but what do you mean by gnu intensive? I have strongly considered the new resolution from the 30's monitors, but the price would kill my rig. I wanted to get the monitors and rig at the same time. :S That's why I am considering going to 3x to 5x 1080p in portrait mode landscape, but maybe it's still too thin cross the monitors and if I ever play a single monitor game I'm screwed. Though, maybe I start off with 3x 1080p and then upgrade to 3x 2560x1440 monitors. What kind of issues would I ran into going for 5x 1080p or 3x 2560x1440? I know, I won't be able to max anything out at these resolutions. :(
  5. From personal experience, trying to go anything higher than 3 monitors in horizontal configuration (unless they are GIGANTIC) is going to cause you more problems than you think.

    I was previously using (3) 24" 120hz 3d capable monitors, but I had to sit quite a ways back from them in order to really see everything without feeling like my face was going to hit my monitors.

    Since then, I've actually switched to gaming on my 59" plasma at 1080p resolution. The only thing that sucks is poor text support in game UIs (except MMOs which at least allow you to change font size for chat windows).

    I've gone through so many different configurations with monitors, and I still haven't found the "perfect" fit.
  6. I have been using triple monitors for about 6 months now with a soft-hack and I love it to death. I need more kick from my computer though to play current games and get out of the soft hack pitfalls. Though, I won't be able to go back to single display no matter how big it is. Thanks for the information though!
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