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Help! Laptop keyboard prints wrong symbol!

Hello all,

I recently purchased a refurbished Sony Vaio PCG-6R3L with Windows 7.
Everything was working fine, then I plugged in the USB plug for my wireless keyboard/mouse (Microsoft wireless optical desktop receiver 3.0A)
I did not install anything for the keyboard, however windows automatically did something to get the keyboard to work (I think it downloaded the drivers automatically).
From the wireless keyboard all the keys type exactly what they are supposed to, that's what I'm using to type this. I've used this keyboard on multiple computers, both with installing the software that came with it, and also just plugging it in, never caused this problem before.
When I press and hold the FN key, all the keys type their regular symbol, however once I let go of the FN key they start printing the wrong symbol again.
I did all kinds of searching online and went through all of the regional settings and such that I could find, and all the settings I could find were set to "united states english", which is also the only language/keyboard that I saw installed on the computer.
Any help is appriciated!
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  1. Quite possible that an application has made changed to the keyboards sort cuts/functions.

    Try resetting the keyboard:

    Then re install the driver..

    But to do this uninstall the old one.. reset the computer (have the keyboard) then complete windows optional updates... this should pick up the driver specific to your system.

    Or download this driver:

    Give that a whirl and get back to us.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply, combat wombat.

    I'm going to apologize up front. I'm not computer illiterate but probably not as advanced as you, so some of your terms have me confused, so I might ask you to spell out a few things for me.
    Went to the first link, and it tells me to click on "customize" from the "tools" menu. Which tools menu? Theres no tools menu in the control panel or anywhere that I could see would be relevant.

    Also, when your talking about the "keyboard", are you talking about the one on the laptop, or the wireless one? (also when you say, "have your keyboard")?

    The second link you sent only has windows xp or 2000 as an option, I have windows 7

    And if I uninstall the driver, where am I going to re-download it from?
  3. wow, I feel stupid. I just figured it out. Its the "Num lock" key. Since the laptop doesn't have a number pad, when the "num lock" is on, it uses various keys on the right side of the keyboard (laptop keyboard) print different symbols than normal)
    Since I use the number pad on my wireless keyboard, I have a habit of keeping numb lock ON. Guess I just need to learn to turn off num lock when I wanna use my laptop keyboard. Thanks for your help, sorry to have bothered you with such a silly issue lol.
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    Haha, too easy I just read the first reply you made and reset my keyboard myself.. so I was sure how to do it, then I was going to tell you.. but if you have it sorted that's great!!

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