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So, I just found out that my brothers old computer had an ASUS P5G41-M.
My current motherboard is a M2N68-LA (Narra6)
I have a Compaq CQ5320F computer with a GT 610 graphics card.
Is it possible or benificial if I replace mine with his?
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  1. One motherboard is a Socket 775 intel board, the other a socket AM2 AMD board - Are you talking about swapping the entire motherboard/CPU/ram or was your interest in simply swapping motherboards and keeping your existing CPU (can't be done).
    If a whole unit swap, what processors are we talking here, that might make or break the deal
    You would probably need to reinstall your OS (with the help of HP hopefully) since it is tied to your existing hardware. A whole board swap is not impossible but it can get a little tricky.
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