I have a asus crosshair IV extreme motherboard and there is 5 graphics card slots.when i the 1and 2 the computer reads both cards.when i use the 4 and 5 slot the computer dose not read the card.I have 2 difrent cards one is gtx 480 and other is gtx 260.Im running gtx 480 in the 2 slot and it works and gtx 260 in the 4 slot or 5 the computer does not read the card.This is driving me nuts. you can run 2 difrent gpus with this board with the hydralogix driver but you need to use slots 2,4, there a driver that i need to download to use slots 4,5.can some on help?THANKS
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  1. Is the 480 dual GPU?
    This might help:
    Make also sure that the PCIe switches are set to Enable
  2. alexoiu said:

    Its an ASUS, ofc it supports Dual GPU,

    Try running them in the top most slots you can.

    Some of the lower slots only support 4x speeds without a driver update

    GFX cards cant run on 4x bus speeds.
  3. This board uses the hydralogix.And you can only run the gtx 480 and gtx 260 together on slots 2,4,5 that,swhat it tells me in asus modo book
  4. What's the model of the GTX 480?
  5. geforce gtx 480
  6. Are the PCIe switches set to Enable?
  7. Yes.There all on
  8. Try installing the 480 in slot 1 and the 260 in slot 2.
  9. Iv done that and the computer tells me both cards are there.But you can only run cards on slot 2,4,5 to use tow difrent gpus together with the Hydralogix driver.
  10. No, Check the manual, page 2-28. If I correctly understand, you have to put the 480 in slot 1 and the 260 in slot 4 for Dual VGA configurations with HydraLogix.
  11. There must be something i have to turn on to use the slots 2,4,5 but i cant find eney thing.
  12. Have you tried with 1 and 4? Are the Hydralogix and the Nvidia drivers installed?
  13. page 2-29 slots 2,4,5 for both ati crossfire and nvidia sli.
  14. The computer dose not read the card in slot 4
    But 1,3 is for CrossfireX. Use 1,4 for NVidia:
    @nooblady2310 , it is essential to install at least one card in slot 2, 4 or 5 while using triple vga setup in hydralogix mode. As I mentioned before if you want to use crossfire you have to install your cards in slot 1 and three. If you want to ad one additonal nvidia card crossfire mode is disabled and you have to install the higher level card in slot one abd the other two cards in 2, 4 or 5. The chipset automatically detects and switches mode when installing catds on pci-e slot2, 4 and 5.

    Here's what you do:

    Do NOT use Slot 3 for an SLI configuration. Use 1 & 2 or 1 & 4. Hydra doesn't work with Slot 3.

    Install these drivers:

    After drivers are installed and rebooted, click on the new HydraLogix icon. Make sure Hydra is set to Enabled / On.

    If you want to see if a game is working properly, you can also enable an overlay to show you cross-GPU scaling.
  16. Slot one dose not support hydralogix.Im try to sli a gtx 480 and gtx have to use 2,4,5 for sli but slot 4,5 arnt dose not read the card in slot 4,5
  17. I have installed gtx 480 in the 1 slot and the 260 in the 2 slot but it wont let me install the driver.1,2 slot dose not support hydraloxix. is there a way to turn on slot 4,5
  18. Is there other motherboards that can run gtx 480 and a gtx 260 at the same time?
  19. Best answer
    My last post.
    1. Remove the 260 and insert only the 480 in slot 1.
    2. Uninstall the Hydralogix.
    3. Uninstall and reinstall the Nividia driver.
    4. Install the Hydralogix (only the 480 is inserted in slot 1).
    5. Insert the 260 in slot 4 (leave the 480 in slot 1).
    6. Start the PC and start Hydralogix. Both cards should be seen by Hydra.
  20. Thanks for the help.But the 2,5,5 slots arnt working at all.the mobo is bad
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