Whats the best way to connect my motherboard to my home theater system

I've been having trouble setting up audio from my computer to home theater system. I have a M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 motherboard and the home theater system is a coby csp96. I'm confused how I should connect it. Also if it makes it better for it to go through my tv idk if that would give more options. link to it below.



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  1. See page 2.28 from the board's manual for 5.1. Use cables like http://www.mycablemart.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=1806
    TV goes to TV L and TV R - this I'd say is optional as the TV I don't think it has audio out.
    Green port PC goes to FL and FR coby
    Black to SL and SR
    Brown to CEN and SW
    Connect the video to the TV.
  2. Could you link to where the boards Manual is. Also I am confused on what you mean by green black and brown. If you mean the cable to the input slot the only cables I have are a red/white RCA to RCA. A hdmi to hdmi both are same sized male. And I also have a that cable that is RCA to 3.5 headphone jack
  3. The manual: Download TAB at the link you provided and go to manuals.
    Green, black, brown (or orange) are the colours of the board's audio analog outputs (jack ports).
    The link I provided shows the cable for connecting the board's analog audio outputs (jack) to the coby (RCA). You'll need three such cables, probably longer. Or adapters 2 RCA female to audio jack, if you have RCA to RCA cables.
    Use the HDMI cable for connecting the PC to the TV, but the default audio device selected in Windows should be speakers and not HDMI.
  4. I have tried connecting the cables by testing with what I had I put the 3.5 converter into the black port and the other end into front right and left on the main speaker to see if it would work. When I restarted the computer it still does not detect the speakers are even there. I have tried it also with sub and center speaker.
  5. Have you installed the Realtek Audio driver? In Device Manager, under Sound controllers, is there any device listed? What's the default Audio Device in Windows? What Windows version is installed?
  6. While I'm looking all that some more information. On the back of the home theater there is 2 areas one is tv and the other is dvd. the tv only has 2 inputs. The DVD section has all(sub, center, all front and back speakers). There is a switch on there that goes between DVD and TV. I got it to work by pluging the tv section into the lime input that is labeled for audio outputs. That works fine but I don't think that is true surround sound if its only using 1 wire. Then when I turn it to dvd mode and connect the center and sub to the orange input that is ment for those speakers the computer doesn't recognize any of it. When I click on the sound playback options all it show are
    --my USB speakers which I used before,
    --the 3-high definition audio device speakers( which is what the speakers should be using) it is saying not plugged in,
    --then there is headphone and there are 2 separate digital audio s/PDIF speakers
    I think because it is the DVD section it won't work for the computer but the tv section works for the computer so I don't see why the dvd section won't work
  7. "Then when I turn it to dvd mode and connect the center and sub to the orange input that is ment for those speakers the computer doesn't recognize any of it".

    It's because usually you get stereo sound (mp3 players, DivX movies, youtube a.s.o). You'll get surround by playing games, DTS movies, 5.1 audio DVDs a.s.o. or a false surround by enabling fill all speakers (or similar) in the Realtek control interface.
    Connect the lime to the DVD and see if it works.
    Then go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, click on Speakers Realtek High Definition, then at the bottom click Configure, choose 5.1 then on the right side click on each speaker to test.
  8. Ok i turned it to DVD and I put the fr fl speakers to the lime and it worked(it will play through whatever speaker I put into the lime slot) but its still not playing sound through the other speakers when I test it. it only detects the speakers in the lime slot.
  9. Connect the orange and the black to the dvd, then test either in Control Panel as explained above or play the most recent game you have.
    Check also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTzuAceKXPI
  10. Well it still seems to not be working. I think my problems with this. I assumed the Realtek audio was installed on my computer along with the motherboard when I built the computer and it was just with my sound options but I do not have any Realtek audio manager or anything like that. I looked through my device manager and I can't find anything that says Realtek. Do I need to install the audio drivers from the motherboard downloads page if I do can you step me through on how to do this.
  11. Yes, install it.
  12. It worked! Thank you very much for staying with me. Thankfully it was only the drivers that needed reinstalled. So know this is considered true 5.1 surround correct?
  13. Yes. Glad you've solved it. Now enjoy!
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