Motherboard Specifications, APXD1-DM (Bluewood4/Bluewood4L)

Just purchased a HP Pavilion P2-1140 (windows 7) would like to add a video card to it but there are no PCI Slots or AGP Slots. The motherboard is a Pegatron APXD1-DM with AMP Radeon HD6310 Integrated Graphics. I would like to be able to connect a Sony video camera to it using firewire. I want to be able to use VidBlaster software and stream live video. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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  1. It seems here that your motherboard does not support any of those things you want from it. It has no PCIe slots (as you are aware), there are no firewire headers (even inside) and the CPU is soldered to the board (thought I'd throw that in there even though it isn't an issue, lol) - here's your specs from HP
    I suspect you should be able to run VidBlaster software and stream live video in the stock configuration though - but then streaming live video without a camera is a bit tricky...
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