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At present I have a Dell XPS 8300 with an ATI 5450 card installed, however it appears this card has been causing my system to suddenly freeze up(long story,but i believe its confirmed).I don't game at all on my system,the only labour intensive thing i do is photo editing,just photos(CS5 & Lightroom).Am not really knowledgeable about GPU's am looking for a Nvidia equivalent to the 5450 or better yet your suggestion on what I should be looking at getting.
Thank you in advance
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    The Nvidia GT 210 or GT 220 would be at the HD 5450's level. If you want a better card, I will need to know your budget.
  2. i dont know how you came to the conclusion that its the graphics card thats causing the problem. have you used driversweeper, updated to the latest drivers, ran memtest86+, ran a full scan hard drive diagnostic with the manufacturers tool, re-seated the graphics card, checked that it is not overheating?
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