Egyptian resident always redirected to the unusable UK site :(

Hi, I already reported this bug but saying it again asking for further notice...
So i started using the site about 70 days ago and no problems.. Started about 10 days ago I'm always redirected when going to any hardware related section gives me
So i came here 3 days ago and it doesn't redirect me (till yesterday) (the Site Bug Reports section) Now it redirects me in all forum sections...
Right now while writing the post i tried a news article and it redirected me to ( :fou:

I'm seeking serious advice now as i tried other PCs (in different locations with different phone lines) and it does the same thing :cry:

Thanks in advance and sorry for the English!

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  1. Hi!
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    Sent a PM to Maziar. He seems to have found a workaround for the redirection that keeps him on the US site even though he's outside the US. For some reason I don't get redirected.
  3. Thank you .
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