New Build Graphics Recomendation

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE:with in the next 2 months prior to BF3 Beta
BUDGET RANGE: 500 After Rebates


CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: 8800GTX and PS is kingwin 1000

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Cpu intel 2500k, Mobo ASrock Z68 Extreme4, Memory CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000) inside my antec 900 with stock fans





ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:Looking to run bf3 max settings granted we have no idea what that is going to be i want to be prepared for it. i have been shopping gtx580's and 570's it must fit in my 900

Thank you for your help i appreciate the feedback and help
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  1. i think it should fit. both GTX580 and GTX570 are 10.5 inch in length. do you have brand preference? this is the cheapest GTX580 i can find after MIR:
  2. not really on the brand preference, i have been looking at the evga's as they have the highest ratings on new egg for the 500 series

  3. Quote:
    get the GTX 570 on sale or EVGA re-certified and save some money.
    then with the money saved, add a SSD into the mix.
    that is if your serious about gaming...:D

    i had not tought about the ssd in addtion to that i have a raid 0 setup on my 1tb drives right now ssd would speed things up nicely im sure was waiting for the price drop on them so i could get a big one that seems like it could still me a ways off.

    is anyone familar with the 570 classified card from what i can tell it has a way higher clock rate than the super superclock and stock cards.
  4. Quote:
    also look at it like this, the 9800 GT is now weak compared to the newer cards.

    9800GX2 is overall in gaming performance competes with the GTX460/470, of course I'd rather have the GTX over the GX2.
    and the 9800GT is basically and older GTS 250

    you a logical upgrade nVidia wise would be the GTX 460 or better.
    just my opinion in case the 570/560 are out of ranger..

    i have about 500 set aside and left from the rest of my build for GPU i was thinking 580 -590 for a while but i think that it would be overkill, i am only on a 1080p monitor 27inch and don't do a lot of photo video editing that requires tons of processing power, i just want to be able to run every game that's out now and probably for the at least the next year at max settings. when i got my 8800gtx it was the best card out. it has made it 3 years and still runs great just cant max any thing now
  5. Quote:
    first my apologies, I thought you had the 9800 and not the 8800; I would have changed my comparisons..
    I mis-read.
    if you already have that RAM then I take it your going to overclock your unit at least the CPU.?
    other than that reason why did you select that specific set.?
    only one monitor the 27".?

    sorry to confuse i just corrected my post i had 9800 typed in there, i corrected to 8800 when i noticed my typo,

    yes i did bump my CPU to 4.0 out of the box have not gone further than that i need to get a better cpu cooler and do some of the case mods to my 900 before i venture any further, with that ram it was on the list of compatible ram for the 2500k and it was on sale.

    yes i have a single 27inch monitor.
  6. i have checked the evga site for the remanf cards and didn't see any 570s on there are you familiar with the classified series what kind of performance gains would i see from the super clock to the classified or would it even be noticeable i think it was 40mhz or something like that.
  7. would it be better to get the bumped memory with this one EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD 2560MB
  8. Quote:
    nice move..

    thanks for all your help man i really appreciate the incite and info. i will keep looking for the price drops and will end up with 570 from what you told me and a ssd
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