Video problems with games since upgrading to hd radeon 5870.

It was around Christmas time last year that i bought this card from newegg. Unfortunatly it wasnt till a few months after that i started having problems. It happpens the most during world of warcraft, the screen will freeze, and then go to a wierd screen. Its not an error screen, and its hard to imagine when i describe it. Its a screen with verticle bars across, and the color changes to which ever color is most prevalent at the time. Brown for alot of ground, green for alot of trees etc. It stays like this untill i manually restart the pc. Very few times it till correct itself and windows flashes a small tooltip saying "video drive has failed and recovered" I looked around the saphire support as well as ATI. The guys there suggestted the obvious driver and vbios. However when i ran the ATI catalyst update, the screen would go blank everytime, never able to update it. Eventually i took the entire PC to geek squad and told them. They updated alot of windows and drives, cleaned it, but could not duplicate the problem i described. For a while, maybe 2 months or so, it worked fine. Now its acting up again and i can rarely play for an hour without it happening. Ive checked temps, and other support but cant find a solution on my own. I am not even sure its the card, could be PSU or motherboard from what im hearing, its just the card makes the most sence to me. Ive finally gotten frustrated to the point where im willing to just buy a new graphics card, but before i do, i wanted to make sure it is the card and not something else. So here are my PC hardware. Im not very savvy so if i leave out something, let me know!

microsoft vista OS
4g ram
AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel core processor 5800+
Asustek computers inc. - m3a32 mvp deluxe motherboard
From what i remember, a 700w PSU. Im unable to remember the name and cant seem to find it in my pc listings.

If it is the card itself. im looking into buying ----- evga gtx 560 ti superclocked.
would my pc be compatiable and able to run it?
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  1. You try adjusting the fan speed on that card?
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