Sold ASUS M3N-HT Delux on eBay, buyer complains no video

So I just recently sold this board on eBay, I had sitting in my storage closet, and the buyer messages me well past 14 days to tell me, "The video doesn't work". What should I do? What if he broke the darn thing and now is trying to get a refund? For all I know, he didn't set it up right, thing shorted, now I am to blame?

What do you all suggest I do? It was working and tested before I sent it out.

I do state No Returns on Electronics.
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  1. Point him to the trouble shooting sticky.

    If he going to take it to Ebay buyer protection or something you might be better off to just take it back and resell it. Or offer him a discount and he can buy a cheap gpu if you want to avoid a negative review. The onboard one is crap anyway
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