Unlocking Athlon II x3 455 with a non-unlocking motherboard.

I'm fairly new to the finer points of building/managing computers. But I know enough that my Athlon II x3 455 can be unlocked to release it's dormant 4th core. But, in my ignorance, I got the ECS A885GM-A2 motherboard, which has no unlocking software for the BIOS.

I was wondering, is there still a way to unlocking this core? Perhaps an application?

Thanks for the help.

P.S. And please no "buy a better motherboard" answers.
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  1. there is no unlocking software, and just because your board does not officially support core unlocking means you can not,

    althoug some boards do have a unlock core option in the bios, this is derived from something that is automatic with the advanced clock calibration feature, just look for this feature in the bios, enable it and you should be off, some boards need you to play around with the settings a little, but look for advanced clock calibration
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