ASUS Motherboard and HP Power Switch Compatibility

Hey all,

I recently had to replace the motherboard in my HP Pavillion.

The model number for the PC is p6130y

Its a pretty decent machine but I replaced the motherboard with an ASUS M5A88-M.

The issue that I am having is with the connector on the power switch wire. It is not the as the motherboard pins.

The stock HP power connector is 4 pins and one blank. The wires are RED, BLACK, GREEN and WHITE.

I am not sure what the green and white are used for or how to get the switch wire paired to the motherboard.

It appears that ASUS boards use a 2 wire pair for power. I think the same is for reset.

Its been a while since I built a pc, the first and only was in cooled in cooking oil :D

Other Hardware

AMD Phenom 11 x4 955 Black Edition (also new)
Seagate Barracuda .75 TB
DVD Burner/Lightscribe
No Graphics card, onboard only
300W Power Supply

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Red and black are power, green and white are the power led. probably still fits the board.
  2. Thanks for the help

    probably still fits the board.

    But the problem with that is with the pinouts. The ASUS MB has everything separated out and on different sides of the provided connector and the HP power switch has everything inline on one connector, so they don't match.

    Thanks for the help

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