Hy there

Can anyone suggest what would be the best spec for ASUS P5W DH Deluxe MOBO ...

I'm gettin' 120gb Intel SSD, but i need new RAM spec...

I can't find any decent answer on web, i want 8gb's but some have probs with it ...

What do you kind ppl suggest ?


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  1. Was thinking about ... OCZ PC2 6400 Titanium Edition DDR2??
  2. If you can find it with good price, then go for it. Not bad. But remember, you 4x2GB memory configuration as you mobo supports. Four 2gb ram.
  3. I can get them all 4 for 100€ ... is that OP ??? =)
  4. Price is good.
  5. Well Titaniums are sold and the punk wanted to sell 8500 to me =)=) he has major probs as i foretold ... FFS =)=)=)

    Anyways trying to find Reaper edition atm ... hopefully i'll find smthing ...

    Rly tnx again ... Anways, what else do you suggest to max out my Asus P5W DH Deluxe
  6. Specs are:

    Asus P5W DH Deluxe

    Intel Q6600

    NVidia 8800gts ...

    Ram will be 8gb from now on, + i'm going to buy 120gb SSD ( i'm thinking Intel ) ??

    Any other stuff ?=)
  7. A total upgrade of your system. Your system is old to run latest games smooth. 8gb ram is useless for that system. 4gb is ok.

    But now you can upgrade your gpu to new faster one and overclock your cpu. Get a aftermarket cooler instead of memory upgrade. If you have 4gb then its enough.
  8. Aha OK, well i allready have Asus Arctic Square cpu cooler and imo thats enough what do you think ???

    And i'm thinking of selling my 8800gts and buying some ATI HD series couse the board supports only Crossfire since it's intelchip based... and SLI is not an option ...
  9. And btw i only wish to run Dota 2 and WOW on my comp ...
  10. Then why want to upgrade? Your system is very good for those games.

    How much overclock? Get it upto 3ghz. I think it will work for you with HD7850.

    Its with free farcry 3 games.
  11. Hm ... well i gotta say i've got zero exp in OC gpu ... + do i rly need such a powerfull graph ? Since in max 1-2 years i'll buy new comp ... and btw, i'm from Slovenia so newegg ain't an optiion for me =) But i can get this GPU for aprox 190€ here at my place ...

    Otherwise since i can't get OCZ 4gb 6400 for a decent price, i'm thinking on buying Kingston Hyperx DDR2 2x2GB 800MHz (KHX6400D2K2/4G) which i can get for 45€ ... is this fine or shall i still try to find OCZ Titanium 8GB ??? I've got 1 on my eyes but it's on ebay's auction ...
  12. You dont need to upgrade your pc for those games and dont need such gpu power. Your system is powerful enough for those games. Think for upgrade 1 year later if you need.
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