When I put PCIe Card in I get a no signal message on my Monitor.

Hello, Recently I bought a new PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 5450, and when I tried to install it, I got a blank screen with the message "No signal."

I've tried Disabling the on-board graphics I have but that didn't work. So I was wondering if anyone here could help me.
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  1. What is your motherboard? If you don't know that a model number of your pc would help. I think it's because the card is pcie 2.1 and your mobo is probably 1.1; not compatible. But that's just a guess since you didn't provide any info.
  2. My motherboard I believe is an ASUStek LEONITE 5.00 and my PC's model number is HP Pavilion a6010n.
  3. Alright, I'll do just that. Thanks for your help. :)
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