New Pre Built PC & Monitor

I would like to buy a pre built PC in the uk for the below purpose:

My budget is £1400 I could possibly get to £1500 at a VERY maximum

Mainly gaming (WOW on ultra settings is a must)
Web browsing
Downloading movies and streaming to the tv via HD connection
Downloading music
Microsoft office 2010
Burning cd’s / dvd’s and possibly blu ray’s

That pretty much sums up what the PC will be used for

I would like a ASUS Direct Cu ii GTX 580 Graphics Card (im told this is the best single gpu)
I would like a Blu Ray reader & re writer
I would like a second dvd reader re writer
I would like a SSD & a 1TB Hard Drive
That pretty much sums up what the PC will be used for
I will require a monitor (24 inch full HD)
I will require the system to come with Windows 7 any as long as it’s the 64 bit version already loaded
I would like to get the best possible package I have with the money I have to spend as in future proofing

I have a decent keyboard, Speaker system and mouse so will not require these

I do not know a lot about PC’s so am unable to build my own

Please could you give me some ideas and suggest any packages that would suit?

Thank you!
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