Choosing nvidia 560 gtx or ati 6870

I have i7 920, 4 gigs ddr3 1333 ram ,550 watt power supply and a nvidia 250 gts. My question is should i get the 560 gtx or the 6870? will adding an extra 4 gigs ram also help? for gaming eg. battlefield 3 , skyrim. and will my power supply be fine with a new graphics card as mentioned above?
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  1. first and foremost what is the make and model of your psu?

    between the two gpus they both perform about the same so I'd say get the gtx 560 for more stable drivers.

    As far as the ram goes it will not increase your fps but its so cheap you might as well it will make loading in some situations faster.

    You should overclock your cpu if its at stock that cpu can commonly reach 4.0ghz when properly cooled
  2. Thx for you reply, i dont want to over clock i cant afford my cpu frying, my psu is a 550 watt huntkey
  3. But you'll blow up your PC with that PSU.
    A 550 W Hunktey PSU is a bad one. You're better off buying a good PSU first and then upgrade your GPU.
    You should get this
  4. ^+1
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