Sound card dont send true dts please help

i have recently gone a bought a digital sound card which has the 6 pc speaker inputs then a card expansion for coax out and coax in and optical out and optical in, only problem is that on surround sound receiver it does not show the DTS logo (so obviously not a true dts signal) after looking into the devices control panel application it seems that it only works on 2ch which i dont understand any help would be really appreciated
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  1. The only way to get DTS out of a soundcard is to use either the optical/coax output [whichever the card has], and use DTS-Interactive to convert a standard 5.1 channel output to DTS format.

    I note that DTS, like Dolby, is a very low quality audio format, but those are hte only ways to get surround audio out of coax/optical.
  2. i have tried using both digital out and coax out but no avail my sony davdz361w normally shows a dts logo when [playing dts via bluray or dvd player but it is not playing dts via sound card
  3. also how do i know if my car has this dts interactive feature?
  4. not car sound card sorry
  5. In your setup, the Sound card is basically decoding the signal and then pumping it out the other end to the receiver, therefore the receiver is just playing the sound.

    In order to get the Receiver to show DTS (or DD, DTS-MA etc) the Receiver needs to be doing the decoding, you have to setup BitStreaming (aka Passthru), whereby, the Sound Card doesnt decode anything, just pumps out exactly the same as in input.

    I dont think its possible with a Sound Card (at present), maybe thru the SPDIF socket.

    If you use a Graphics Card with a HDMI socket, you can do this BitStreaming easliy, for all of the DTS-MA, TrueDD, DTS, DD.

    I assume that this is for a Media Player Setup, as gaiming is different again.
  6. ^^ *most* soundcards have native DTS encoding, but it depends on the model, as some are Dolby exclusive due to licensing/cost reasons. Very few soundcards lack the ability to encode to both Dolby and DTS formats...
  7. You need to look for something with "DTS-Connect" or "Dolby Digital Live." These are the common 5.1 ENCODING schemes that many sound cards support.

    I have this on my creative x-fi titanium, and can activate it through the "encoding" tab on the device panel. I believe the asus xonar line also supports it. Most cheap (sub $80) cards do not support this. (I'd also expect HT omega, and othter good brands to support it.)

    5.1 over optical isn't bad, but it doesn't sound as good as a direct 5.1 analogue input array.

    What sound card do you have?
  8. have already tried both coaxial cable and optical, the weird thing is, is that if i go into the actual application for the sound and play the test file it comes up on my sony dav-dz361w with dts just all the other time i dont understand why also have tried jean michel jarre and only get white noise. And yes i currently have the nvidia geforce gt520 whih yes has hdmi out out on but this only sends signal to telly not to surround sound system and yes the main thing the pc will be used for is multi media
  9. ^^ Because the test file is encoded in DTS. Without realtime encoding support, only files that are already encoded in DTS formats can be passed through, and almost no PC's use Dolby/DTS formats as their audio tracks.

    You need a soundcard with realtime encoding support, or else you can't get DTS when playing non-DTS encoded files.
  10. TURTLEtOM100, tell us what type of sound card you have.
  11. Hey there it is a 5.1ch high definiton sound card c-media i believe just bought it from maplin if this does not work what card do i need i know that the computer is possible to send this signal because like i say whwen i go on to the configuration test app it does come up with dts on my home theatre surround and i hear sound from the 2ch (front l + r) . but when trying to playing dts files through computer i still only hear white noise which to means means that is not the computer it is wmp that has not got a coder in to decode the dts file.?
    Im not sure if this is the case or what i am a bit of noobie when it comes to sound crds never really had the need for sound till now.
    So if this card does not and will not work with dts fileswhat card if any well?
    Cheers in advance again
  12. You misunderstand: The soundcard will be able to send over audio that is ALREADY encoded to DTS format without a problem. The DTS test file, and DTS audio tracks on a DVD are examples of things you can send without a problem.

    However, most PC audio is standard uncompressed audio, which needs to be converted to DTS, which its sounding like your soundcard is unable to do. Knowing the exact model would help, but unless you have an option for DTS-Connect/DTS-Interactive to do the realtime conversion to DTS, then there is no way for you to convert standard uncompressed audio to DTS format, period.
  13. yes i believe your right this sound card is not going to work! what the next question is what sound card do i need to enable me to be able to listen dts files via my computer.
  14. The two cheapest DTS connect DDL cards I know of are the Asus Xonar DX and The creative labs x-fi titanium. But neither one is what I'd call cheap (around $80)

    I think this is done on the cpu, so I'd bet there is a sound card agnostic solution somewhere.
  15. Right the asus card dont have a optical out or coax out only all the jacks which is fine if you are using a logitech pc speaker setup but i aint im using a sony hoime theatre surround sound
  16. Wow, you're right. It's interesting that Asus lists DTS connect as a feature, but then doesn't have an optical out port. I use a creative labs x-fi titanium

    I'm somewhat wary of recommending Creative labs stuff (least I be flamed) but it's worked well for me, and I've used it's optical out to do 5.1 before.

    That said, it has given me trouble from time to time. Twice last year, my sound went out, and I couldn't get it started again, but reinstalling the driver fixed the issue. I think the problem was caused by hooking up 7.1 direct output, and 5.1 DTS connect at the same time.

    Other than that, it works like a charm.
  17. I know the ASUS Xonar DS has DTS-Connect; the D1/DX only has DDL support, not DTS-Connect. The DS goes for about $40 or so these days.
  18. Was just passing buy reading a few posts and i notice you comments on DTS connection on sound cards ..With the Asus cards like the Xonar Essence or the STX they dont support DTS just Dolby Digital live....HT omega supports both and most of the other cards but not Asus thats a fall back id say...Hows your X-Fi card running any driver issues yeat..i droped creative because i couldnt get there drivers to work %100...So i have the HT Omega claro Plus+ now on newegg it has a 4 egg audiophile rating..
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