ASUS motherboard graphics combined with video card

I have a ASUS GeForce GT640 2GB video card.

I'm planning on buying a new computer with the following motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-M Pro. Can the integrated graphics be combined with the video card mentioned above? Or are the on-board graphics automatically switched off when I plug in the video card?

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  1. You can set your video device in the bios (internal,external,auto). but on board is horrible and will eat into your system resources to render graphics. and no you cannot use both.
  2. Yes you can use both combined or independently with virtu. Or use them both independently with multiple monitors (this is what I do). You can set it to 32MB so eating ram is not something to worry about.

    No need to double post.

    I would suggest you post in the system section and fill this out so we may help you pick parts for your needs and even find you better deals.
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