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Hello everyone!
I'm a major newbie to building computers, and I was curious, so I started up a build of my own. I went off of past knowledge. Please, don't crucify me for doing it wrong, because I was really spit-balling here. The build isn't even complete, I just wanted someone's opinions on it.

Keep in mind that I'm a heavy gamer. I wanted this build to be focused around gaming.







And lastly, for the SSD. I was wondering if they're worth buying for a gamer? I was looking in to this one.

So what do you think? Am I doing it right or wrong? Suggestions? Tips? Please, help me out! I'm new.

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  1. There are several compability issues in your build..CPU doesn't fit in that motherboard (which is outdated) and also you have Triple Channel RAM when this platform supports Dual Channel RAM...

    What's your budget?
  2. I have a budget of around 1000$.
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