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GTX 560 Ti - Strange "lines" on screen


I have recently bought a GTX 560 Ti and I have noticed strange translucent "lines" like an old TV. (The strange lines doesn't appear in screenshots)

This mostly happens while playing a game but very notice-able in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., although it doesn't happen in APB:Reloaded and only happens a little bit in ArmA 2's main menu screen, in-game, it's gone.

My system specs are: (Hopefully upgrading to a much more powerful Sandy Bridge soon, but I'm waiting for Zambezi FX to be able to choose between them)

Q6600 @ stock 2.4 Ghz
2 x 2GB Kingston DDR2 667 Mhz
500GB 7,200 RPM HDD
Corsair CX600 PSU
Zotac GTX 560 Ti (Not OC'd)
Intel DG35EC motherboard

Could the problem be my old VGA LCD monitor or the adapter I got from the box?

Could anyone provide any possible solutions please? Thank you.
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  1. one possible scenario is that your card is running too hot during gaming. when the gpu's get too hot, you will see something called "artifacts" on the screen which can be lines and other weird screen anomalies that pop up. if this is the case, then turn up your gpu fan speed when you are gaming, which will drive the temps down and you will no longer see artifacts.
  2. I use MSI Afterburner to check my GPU temps and it never goes above 60 C.

    It seems that the "lines" happen in all games now, I think my GPU came damaged and needs to be replaced?
  3. Hmm, yea 60C is great temps for load during games. Try installing the latest drivers for your card and see if it goes away. Also try going on the Zotac forums and see if anyone else is having your prob. If not, then I would probably return the card for a replacement.
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    It could be due to the fact that the card you've got is damaged. You should send it back to get it repaired.
    When did you buy the card ?
    Did the card showed this sorts of stress when you bought the card at first ?
  5. I just bought the card 1 day ago and just installed it today. Don't really know but there wasn't that "thin plastic cover" around the box...

    I guess I will check the Zotac forums and if that doesn't help, I will call the shop and return it.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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