Is it possible for a graphics card DVI port to break monitor DVI ports

My monitor's DVI port broke recently and I sent it back to the local store. They fixed it and tested it and it worked OK using their computer. However, when hooked it up to my computer, it still wouldn't work and so I sent it back again. When they tested, it was broken again. I think my graphics card might be the reason why it keeps on breaking.

Before the monitor's DVI port broke, my sister repeatedly removed and reattached the DVI cable from the graphics card and the monitor while switched on since she tried to use the monitor with her laptop. Can connecting the DVI cable while the components are switched on break the DVI ports? The HDMI and minidisplayport of the graphics card still work but I'm afraid that the DVI port might be breaking my monitor DVI ports.
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  1. The local store "fixing" the DVI port sounds a little dubious, I would think it's alot more likely that they didn't really fix it the first time than it is that the graphics card is somehow breaking the DVI port.
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