HTPC for Amazon Prime and USB Hard Drive video watching

Hi - if this has been asked recently, please point me to the spot.

I am not interested in Gaming and really am looking at a way to watch streaming movies and show off pictures etc from a HD. Please mention if the system can cope with a networked HD as well as we also have a Verbatim Media Share that is networked.

I have DVDs from various zones/regions and my main DVD players are Zone specific so I plan to copy them all to a USB hard drive that I want to then watch on my SAMSUNG HDTV (1080). TV is HDMI or PC Monitor connection compatible (as well as many other types) and I use and external Altec Lansing PC speaker that plugs into the earphone connection

I was looking at non-PC devices (WD TV Live and ROKU look like reasonable options, but started thinking about using an HD HTPC. My old Dell Inspiron could not cut it with Boxee and I don't want to tie up another of our PCs.

I want a small form factor for the PC and have a couple of DVD drives (1 USB and 1 internal floating around that I would like to use rather than buying a new one. ) I also want it to be very quiet when not playing movies (movies being on an external HD will make it noisy.

I would prefer to buy all or most components from 1 supplier, microcenter is near me and I use amazon a lot.

I have built a couple of PCs and have next to no UNIX experience.

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  1. fill out this form

    most important is your budget
  2. Hi ScrewySqrl - I left my budget out as I am a little flexible and if there was a perfect system that is slightly more, I would consider it. If it can be done for below 500 - great.

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this month, but may hold off to see if there are any Thanksgiving deals
    BUDGET RANGE: preferably below $500 but flexible , prefer to avoid rebates unless they are really good

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT:As above - watching movies, streaming amazon and you tube movies, NO GAMING to speak of, but movie quality is important. Internet connectivity is essential but I have other PCs for that.

    VERY IMPORTANT : it must be quiet

    REUSING PARTS: have an unused DVD player internal (something like 24/48 lightscribe , currently missing in action, also usb DVD player and various external usb hard drives - western digital etc. also have a 500gb or 1tb SATA WD drive that I can use (having some work done and the stuff is packed away - hence a little vague)

    Plan to use Lenovo 57Y6336 Black USB RF Wireless Mini Multimedia Remote keyboard (N5901), have mouse, monitor - will be using 1080 42inch or larger samsung with HDMI and standard monitor connections, speakers,

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) / SHOP FOR PARTS:,, and amazon,com


    PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type NONE but want a very small form factor - this is very important to me

    SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Don't know but no gaming to speak of (think that means do not need crossfire)
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    microcenter is a great place to get what you need.

    Assuming your DVD player is SATA, all you really need is cpu/motherboard/ram/case, easly doable WELL under $500

    my suggestion:

    AMd Llano A8-3850 triple core: $139.99 (microcenter)

    ASRock A75M FM1 micro ATX mobo: $74.99 (Newegg)

    8 GB DDR3-1600: $42.99 (Newegg)

    nMediaPC microatx case: $59.99 (newegg)

    Antec Basiq 350W 80+ PSU: $29.99 (Newegg)


    you could add a SSD for faster boot/response times for ~$110 and still be under $500
  4. He could get 4gb of ram and still be great. That's all.
  5. Wow guys - thanks for the great responses, I am going to do some reading over the weekend. Thats a really nice looking case.

    I think the DVD player is SATA - will need to check on the 28th (floors being done) unless I find the box I packed it in first.

    Definitely a fan of never enough RAM so will go for 8GB. What operating System should I get?
  6. Win7.
  7. but which version?
  8. home premium should be fine.
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