Help with unlocking 960t

I think my 960t is completely locked as quad unless I have done something wrong.

memory timings I never touched put them at AUTO, it's Vengeance XMS3 2x4GB so in total 8GB

I tried disabling 5th or 6th core and save bios, screen just goes dark and fans blow really hard.
Once power off on power on pc it says Unleashind mode failed.

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  1. Then the cores have a problem. My two sempron 140's also refuse to run with the second core unlocked. It's a gamble when you buy cpus with cores disabled. Sometimes they simply don't work.
  2. Unlucky you, try unlocking the 5th and 6th cores individually, see if one of them works, if one of them does, gratz you have a 5 cord cpu.
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