Artic Silver 5 or OCZ Freeze?

Alright so I've read a few threads on various websites (courtesy of google) about which thermal paste is better and everyone has been seeming to say that OCZ Freeze is the better choice. But from what I've read they all said they applied it and booted up the PC and went from there. Well doesn't AS5 have a 'curing' time? Something like 200 hours or one week of regular use?

So I guess my question is... Have any of you ever let it set the allotted time and compared it to OCZ Freeze?

But if you don't mind I want to add another question to this you all many very well have an answer to. I recently purchased the Corsair H60 (I was gonna buy the H40 but I've heard that copper is better in terms of heatsyncs.) and my temps, while good, should be lower than 31*C- 38*C idle, shouldn't they? I mean, under load they never break 60*C using Prime95 but it still has me curious because my sister in law uses the Corsair H50 and her temps on her 6 core AMD processor never breaks 18*C idle, and I'm not completely sure under load. My processor is the Core 2 Quad Q6600 not overclocked. (until I figure out this cooling situation.)

The way the cooler is setup:

It was push-pull on exhaust and that didn't difference.
It was pull-push on intake and that didn't make a difference.
At this point it's push on intake because I took the other fan off and put it underneath the GPU.

I don't want to dump more money into a water cooler if the results are going to be this bad. Even with the massive copper heatsync I had before my temps were lower and that was with the CPU overclocked to 3.1GHz. It idled between 24*C-30*C but I ended up selling that cooler because this one was supposed to be better. I've tried reseating it but that made no difference. I'm going to swap out the TIM today but I wanted to be sure if it's even worth it.
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  1. Your temps are ok. Something is wrong with your sister temps , you can have those just if stay out from home. Maybe his pc have problems with the sensors.
    You don't need to wait to set that thermal grease to much. I use Zalman thermal paste and after i instaled all my pc ( cpu cooler to ) i powered up my pc and i let him run for a few hours and nothing was hapenned.
  2. Tuniq TX3 hands down.

    No it's probably not worth it, the best you'll see is a 2c difference between brands at the most.

    I see no problems with 31-38c at idle, not sure what your stressing over. My stock i3 idles 37-39c. That's stock fan (a joke of a fan) and stock TIM, oh yeah and it's 80f temperature here, 75f in the house.

    If your sister is runnin 18c, then it's either chilly in the house and that water is cold or it's an incorrect reading.

    You should only be concerned about load temps, idle temps are unimportant.
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