Problems with PS/2 and USB Keyboard

Hello all,

I really, really needs help. I have a P5-99vm Asus mainboard with a K6-2 processor, with 64 mb of pc100 ram. The PS/2 keyboard started to fail, and then it stopped working at all after some days. Then I bought a USB keyboard, and all went fine for 2 or 3 weeks, when the error started to appear with the new keyboard. Now the computer even don´t boot (No keyboard detected at BIOS). I changed memories, tried removing all cards (just a fax/modem), removing HD and CD, but no success.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you very much for your time.
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  1. Take the USB board back and get a PS2 one.

    Problem solved.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  2. Hi Teq,

    Thank you for the time, but I think my english isn´t good enough, so I probably made some mistakes. I am with the same board, and it doesn´t work with PS/2 keyboard or with the USB keyboard. The PS/2 started to fail (I changed the keyboard to see if it was the keyboard, but the error continued) and then USB started to fail some weeks later (keyboard are ok, I tested on another computer). Thank you very much.
  3. OOps.. sorry if I misunderstood.

    The bad news is, now it sounds like a motherboard problem.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
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