CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 600W

Hi there

I'm currently purchasing a new pc and was curious if the Silent Pro Gold 600W would be suitable for this setup?

i5 2500 (not k)
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3
G.Skill 2x4GB DDR3-1600 CL8 Ripjaws-X
Gigabyte HD 6970 Windforce
1TB WD Caviar Green 64mb cache 5400rpm

My main reason for looking into this is it's a reasonably priced modular psu. While the Corsair TX750M sits in it's range, I've heard of a few dead units as well as it's not "fully" modular. I like the idea of a tidy case since I'll only have 1 HDD and GPU (for now)
Future upgrades may be a SSD.

We have limited range here in South Africa unfortunately, so this is the best looking option. I've only seen good reviews but would like a few more opinions.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well if i were you i'd try to get a lil more Watt's The TX 750 is nice, i use it. I wish mine was modular but even the Modular one is more Cable Management friendly. I'd try to either go with a TX 650M or TX 750M. the 6970 can be a lil power hungry. Overall good system
  2. That Coolermaster is good for your build.
  3. Thank you both for the quick replies.

    Rockdpm, I did consider the TX 650M at one point but it isn't "fully" modular which bothered me a bit since my minimal build. With my case having a decent 3 fan set up, I'm aiming for optimal airflow and minimal clutter
  4. All of the hardwired cables on the 750TXM are ones that you will use in your build (unless all your fans are powered by the motherboard, in which case you will have one strand of peripheral connectors to hide).

    The thing I don't like about the Silent Pro Gold units I've seen reviewed is that they have very high ripple and noise on the 12 and 5V rails on full load. They are in spec, but only just. These were on the 800W and 1200W versions, so I suppose it is possible that this is not much of an issue on the lower wattage versions.
  5. sosofm said:
    That Coolermaster is good for your build.


    Although there are probably other 600-700w units that are Bronze/Silver 80PLUS that are considerably cheaper (semi-modular) although the cables that aren't modular are usually just main motherboard power, secondary motherboard power, and a couple of PCI connectors for your graphics card, which will all be used anyway. Fully modular isn't really necessary and certainly isn't worth paying more for. I would avoid PSU's that are fully non-modular though as these can leave lots of cables left laying around.
  6. I would say the coolermaster 80plus gold is a nice PSU. I have the 800w and after 1 month i started having wacky CPU restarts at random and after swapping out EVERY component in my system , i threw in another PSU and she ran just fine. Coolermaster replaced my PSU, no questions asked and its been going strong the last 6 months without hangup.

    Yes its unfortunate i got a defective unit but how the company handled the situation really impressed me. (EVERY single mfg sends out the occasional dud product, regardless of what it is) and i havent really herd of others having the same issue.
    + they sent me a brand new, in box PSU and let me keep all of the cables so i have enough SATA power to fill up my NZXT Whisper cases 8 HDD bays and 5x5.25" bays!

    Buy the coolermaster with confidence that if you happen to have a problem, it will be resolved quickly
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