Voltage problem with ASUS A53SV

Hey guys,
recently arrived in grenada to study medicine. The voltage here is different [220v] but each room has a transformer and we are able to plug in our 110v appliances. Anyway, when I arrived I charged my laptop [using a surge protector power strip] and noticed a faint squeaking noise from my laptop charger [sound coming from the box of the charger]. I changed outlets and the noise stopped. I have been a little paranoid since this has happened and I installed CPU ID to monitor the voltage. Apperently my voltage should be around 10.8v. When the laptop is not plugged in the voltage is 10.8V by sometimes drops as low as 10.6V. The weird thing is that when I begin charging the laptop, the voltage keeps increasing...even till 11.8V . I have tried contacting asus but they are of no help. Please, can anyone offer some advice? Thanks!
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  1. It's software, it's not physically measuring anything. It might be wrong. But yes, it may be your laptop/battery/charger is just getting old.
  2. my laptop is brand new tho. Is it ok if the voltage exceeds 11.8V? Am I just being paranoid? Is it something to worry about?
  3. Most likely you are being paranoid. If it is something worry about, it's not for you to worry. A brand new laptop will be under warranty ;)
  4. Akira, I own Asus A53SV laptop (I52430 and GF540). I bought it a month ago and after about a week or two the monitor was gone. I took the laptop from the service yesterday and the epilog is that the monitor and the MBO were changed - in other words it's a new laptop! No comments were given. So it can be that some models have voltage problem - monitors are sensitive to voltage oscilations. I didn't check the voltage then, that's a pitty. Now the voltage is 12.2V when not on mains, and 12.45V when on mains. What can I say, keep your eye on the monitor :) and the voltage, and I would write to asus's global not the local dealer and say something like my monitor is behaving strangely and I heard that a model has voltage problems.
    Best of luck...
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