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Airflow for PC Case

Hey guys I have a simple question for my Air flow, pics below.

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Should i change the side fan as an exhaust instead of an intake, and if I do, I'm using the H80 cooler as an exhaust atm, will i be able to change it to an intake?

I'm asking this as I'm going to add another GTX 580 in sli, the MSI LE. And would like to optimize my airflow.

Current card peaks a 66C full load on all games, 72C on 3dmark and witcher 2.

Current setup is:
2 14cm intake fans in the bottom
1 14cm VGA Fan
1 12cm HDD Fan intake.
H80 dual fans as exhaust 12x12cm
1 14cm Exhaust fan on top.
1 23cm intake fan on side panel.

Also, should I add more fans, and if so, where?

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  1. Certainly leave the side panel fan as an intake fan, especially if your planning on an SLI configuration. This will ensure the cards stay cool when stacked on top of one another.

    H80 Fans are fine as both exhaust as you should be getting plenty of cool air draw in from the front and side of the case.

    Roof should always be exhaust too.

    You have plenty of fans, and almost any set up really running that number of fans is going to provide enough cooling no matter how they are set up as intake and exhaust. Your current set up is pretty much optimal and its never going to change by more than 1-2 degree's no matter how many fans you add. Your always going to be battling with ambient air temperature anyway.
  2. Ok, thanks, guess I will the set up as is.
    I've seen that de MSI gtx 580 runs 10-20c cooler than the reference cards on a friend's system so it should be fine as the main card, I would also like to keep my reference card cooler, what's a good after market cooler for it that isn't super loud/ugly? Since I would like to keep the lighting theme in the case if possible.
  3. once you have good exhaust fans intake ones became less useful,
    I like back and side fans on exhaust setting, the air will flow from front intake ducks anyway fans or no fans.
  4. Most air cooling is over-rated to be honest.

    A good CPU cooler and good graphics card will look after themselves for the most part. Just a couple of case fans is all that's required. Heat rises anyway so all hot air will leave the top of the case (providing there's mesh or something up there and not an enclosed design).

    Take the LANBOY air for example, that case can have something like 15 case fans, and even with every single fan attached, it does't cool any more than well designed case with 3-4 fans.
  5. To change it to exhaust flip the fan around :lol:
  6. Guess I didn't word it right I meant a heatsink/cooler for the EVGA GTX 580, I'm leaning towards this:

    So it can run as cool as the MSI card or cooler
  7. get a simple pci slot cooler such as thermaltake sl1
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    brianmz said:
    Guess I didn't word it right I meant a heatsink/cooler for the EVGA GTX 580, I'm leaning towards this:

    So it can run as cool as the MSI card or cooler

    There's no point. Don't waste your money. GPU's cool themselves sufficiently anyway. After-marking cooling is by no means necessary (unless your going to water-cool and do some serious over-clocking) but that's a whole different kettle of fish.
  9. Yeah i mean the EVGA holds it's own, 70c tops on 850 core, 2100mhz and 80c(Heavy gaming) on 900mhz 1.1v, so I'll just see how it behaves in sli, thanks.
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