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2 Build - Which is better?

I have a dilema as I don't know which one of the builds will be better?

I plan to do HD gaming on BF3 and Crysis.

Build 1:
Phenom II x2 560 w/ ASUS M5A97 EVO AM3+ ATX AMD ($168)

Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB SATA 6.0Gb/s 7,200 RPM ($45)

Crucial Ballistix 4GB DDR3-1333 ($24)

OCZ Technology ModXStream Pro 500 Watt ATX Power Supply ($40) ($60 w/o MIR)

Antec Two Hundred v2 Mid Tower Gaming Case ($25) ($40 w/o MIR)

Zotac GTX 560 Ti Overclocked 1GB GDDR5 ($200) ($230 w/o MIR)

Total = $502 ($65 rebate)

Build 2:

Phenom II x2 555 w ASUS M5A97 EVO Socket AM3+ ATX AMD ($163)

Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 1.5TB SATA 6.0Gb/s 7,200 RPM ($50) ($60 w/o MIR)

ADATA 8GB DDR3-1333 CL9 ($40)

PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK II 650 Watt ATX Power Supply ($60) ($80 w/o MIR)

Antec Two Hundred v2 ATX Mid Tower Case ($25) ($40 w/o MIR)

Cooler Master Hyper 101a AMD CPU Cooler ($10)

Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 SuperOverclocked Edition ($150) ($180 w/o MIR)

TOTAL = $500 ($75 rebate)

I plan on upgrading my computer.
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  1. erm i'd change that CPU if i were you on build info 1

    getting a GTX460 at this point of time aint a good idea.
  2. Should I go for a build that's going to be decent right now or something thats mediocore and upgradeable later.
  3. hmm i'd just ask you to put your finger over the trigger and hold it there. In a few days Bulldozer will be out and you'll want to see what AMD has to offer and maybe get them...

    mediocre? no it'd be a waste of money doing so.

    yeah you can pick up a bulldozer ready mobo now but you'll see more nifty stuff being put on newer mobo's later on.
    *edit; i noticed you changed a few things - well yeah. seems okay...

    my opinion, getting an intel sandy bridge build now would far outweigh any AMD solution up until now. Though alot of people have wishful thinking with the bulldozers - intel will just chop them up with the SB-E chips later in Q1/Q2 2012.

    wait a few more days - thas all.

    BTW what dya have now to work with?
    crysis as in crysis 1?
  4. Crysis 2. and starcraft 2
  5. hmm i'd say wait and see what happens to intels sandy bridge prices :)
  6. I seriously don't think that theres going to be i5 and z68 mobo for $165. Btw this would be a huge jump from what I have now. A core 2 quad q9300, gt240, 4gb ddr2
  7. :) yeap! it would but you know what "?" OC'ing that rig you have there now would yield good results plus you have all the muscle there to play BF3 when its released except that GPU - tell you what, get a GPU and an aftermarket cooler now and wait out the new waves of hardware that'll be out soon.

    *6970 / GTX560Ti
    cooler master hyper 212+ or evo

    ** might i know what mobo you have, better yet gimme full system specs :) including the PSU and case.

    **sorry been away, my OS has been acting up a bit - the consequence of using pirated software
  8. Right now, I have a modded emachines. That was orginally $300 last year. 250w PSU. :(
  9. Best answer
    okay thumb rule here at tom's and most forums;
    1| PSU, case, HDD, cpu cooler/watercooling kits, speakers/soundcard and monitor should remain constant while;
    2| mobo, CPU, ram(if you buy enough to populate all slots than that becomes a constant) will change more frequently
    3| at the same time the GPU will slowly work its way through its use and if you've chosen a high enough GPU something like a GTX560Ti or 570 or 580 then you don't have to look at it for another 2 years - or so depending on your gaming needs

    *montiors, HDD, watercooling rads can be added in due time.

    so right now, invest in a PSU and GPU (and an aftermarket cooler that is compatible with later sockets) to OC later on :)

    my recommends ;

    A 550W~600W PSU - capable of running sli/crossfire off of that PSU and a card that can do said scaling.

    ** you said, Q9300? take a look at this,3030-5.html
    and notice where that x2 560 stands when put up against the likes of a Q9300...

    I have a Q9550 and lemme tell ya, it really awesome! it shouldn't be any different with your existing quad core.

    *** you didn't mention your full system specs mate ... :ange: full specs and then we can surely move on from there.
  10. I plan to unlock to quad core and OC to 3.8 ghz
  11. huh? you mean Overclock the existing quad core you have now?

    anything you'll want to get now is just mediocre compared to any intel solution.
    That Q9300 is still in a good league of its own.

    FYI - the bulldozers are out - have a read at this;,3043.html

    trying to unlock any x2 or x3 is actually a real silly idea. Here's why;
    an x2 or an x3 is really an x4 chip that had defective cores in it (caused from improper QC at the IC manufacturing process). AMD realized it and then locked it up. people who do try to unlock have a very slim chance it works in their favor. Even if you do manage to unlock it - which you will - it doesn't mean you can sutain an OC at any speed since you have an unstable core that would either need more juice. TBH - you can't supply more juice to only core in your chip - if you raise the volts, all the volts get the same love - thus the instability in OC's

    **unlocking cores and THEN OC'ing is highly discouraged here on tom's. I might've gone easy explaining things to you...but i know some people who'd court-marshal you for such an idea.

    buying a new LGA775 mobo would just mean high overhead cost. buy the prescribed parts i mentioned a post earlier and then snag a Z68 system after the sandy bridge - e chips are released.

    my 2 cents though :)
  12. I know that x2 is x4 with defective cores. Seeing how the BD costs as much as a Phenom x4 970, I do sure hope the prices go down. Also, this is the revised version of the build.
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  14. and thank YOU for the vote :)

    happy gaming on your new rig.
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