G skill memory compatibility with Z77

I am planning on upgrading my computer to a AsRock Z77 Extreme 4 mother board and using a 3570K in it. The problem is I came across some memory I like but I am not not sure if it will work on Ivy bridge because I think it is designed for Sandy Bridge.

The Model of memory is: G Skill 8G(2x4G)DDR3 1600Mhz PC3-12800 CL8(F3-12800CL8D-8GB

Help would be nice
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    It's compatible no worries it will work for sure.
  2. Cool because I like this ram since it is 8G on 2 DIMMs and CAS 8 out the box :)
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  4. As long as you turn the tv off it will work.
  5. ThatMoose said:
    As long as you turn the tv off it will work.

    You think I am taking the memory out of the TV!?!

    No but it is a possiblity...

    Anyway can we have this thread closed now unless someoen has objections.
  6. Just make sure that your tv is off.
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