Monitor not starting after computer starts.

I have been having this problem with my monitor, where it does not work after computer starts up, so maybe you guys know what the reason might be.

Description of the problem:
1. I start the computer. The computer boots and loads Windows ( I can hear the Windows starting audio file );
2. The monitor does not show anything but a black screen. The power button light is blue, which means the monitor gets power and signal ( when it does not get signal the power button on the monitor is orange );
3. If I shut down the monitor and then power it back on, the black screen changes to a grey screen for half a second and then back to black.
4. If I leave the monitor running for 5-10 minutes and then power it off and back on, it works ok. ( I don't know if this has anything to do with the heat, like the monitor not working until it heats up a little, but last summer I only had to wait a minute for the monitor to work. This winter I need to wait 5 minutes. It could however not be the temperature, but the problem getting more serious in time ).
5. Monitor does not even start in the beginning of the computer boots ( where the video card details are written or the go to bios page is displayed ).

Monitor: ViewSonic 22" Wide
Other components do not matter as I tested this monitor on a new computer and behaves the same way.

Additional Details:
Monitor is 4,5 years old;
Sometimes ( rarely ) the problem happens when I alt-tab from a game to Windows, or from Windows to a game;
I have read long ago that these kind of problems can be caused by bad capacitors ( However I feel unconfortable disassembling the monitor ).

Please let me know what you think.
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  1. I would try replacing the monitor cables. If your monitor has this type of adapter for the power supply: then replacing it might help.
  2. I have tried changing the cables before, but just for a mere test. In my opinion cables cannot cause this; it does not make sense. Cables work or don't work. :) If the monitor receives signal and power, then, in my opinion, the cables must be good. I am not from UK and I cannot get things from craiglist. This isn't however relevant since I afford buying a new monitor. I just don't want to throw the money away if this problem can be easily fixed. And if this is indeed a bad capacitors issue, I understood those are not hard to replace by a person that knows what he's doing. However I just wanted to ask people that know better then me first, for some opinions, to know if this can be the problem indeed or what different cause could be there.
  3. The cable condition is relevent. i reused a vga cable so often that it developed a kink. Whenever I shifted the monitor off the top of my case (htpc setup) to open it up, the screen would go blank. I finally replaced the cable and have never had the issue since.
  4. LOL did any1 notice it is a 4 or 5 years old monitor?

    That is probably the issue, try using VGA since old pcs used to use vga.

    If not try to use a time machine and get an old pc.

    It also could be the video card but likely to be the video card, since I had one of those monitors before I donated it.

    PS: old monitors sometimes take a while to load since they are old "DUH!"
  5. Hi :)

    Its the monitor gone...bin it...

    All the best Brett :)
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