Amd athlon x2 3.2ghz 6400+ bottleneck 560ti

basically my question is will amd athlon x2 3.2ghz 6400+ bottleneck 560ti?
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  1. Yes if you compare it with newer CPU's
    Then again it depends on resolution the higher it is the more load can be put on the GPU and the CPU bottleneck becomes smaller.
  2. i also have 8gigs of ddr2 pc2 8500 ram. Im certainly playing bf3 on 1080 p medium settings with 30-35 fps. would you recommend trying to play with the res a notch lower?
  3. you should be getting 45ish frames with ultra textures and low AA and post processing features.

    you cpu is bad. it needs to be replaced.
  4. the problem is its not only a new cpu setup but a new motherboard setup as well.
  5. What motherboard do you have? Can you provide us a link? It would be helpful
  6. how do i upgrade the bios?
  7. yea thats what i thought .... can i get a decent motherboard for under a 100 dollars?
  8. how about a good intel unit that has a motherboard and cpu combo am3 of course. I could still use my ram because am3 is backwards compatible as far as ram right? keep it under 200?
  9. oh, well it looks like i need an upgrade. i dont want to dish out tons of cash.
  10. I thought that they made combos that come with motherboard + cpu + ram
  11. can you link me to a setup you would recommend?
  12. Iv'e always used amd but how about an intel and not too expensive i dont really know where to begin as far as a budget maybe 200 - 300. I want to thank you for the help by the way.
  13. could you link me by chance?
  14. motherboard

    that gets you a sandy bridge i5 that can be overclocked to around 3.2-3.3 and for only 300 bucks. would i buy those parts for my computer... probably not. they are good components just lack some features that a lot of people like.

    oh and the good thing about that upgrade is..... it will rape your current computer. it all should be plug and play assuming your power supply is relatively new.
  15. thank you. its an 850w kentech psu.
  16. i dont know if i like the 2 dimm bays and only 1x pci-e. might as well go big or go home.
  17. yea, thank you guys.
  18. dms1988 said:
    i dont know if i like the 2 dimm bays and only 1x pci-e. might as well go big or go home.

    i didnt even notice the ram slots.

    the cheapest z68 motherboard with 4 dimm slots and 2 pcie slots int 110
    the cheapest h67 board is 80 dollars

    i would strongly suggest getting a z68 board no cheaper then this board
  19. Quote:
    but if NOT overclocking then the H series motherboard will do fine..
    but then the dual GPU slots..?

    such decisions.

    you couldnt even overclock the i5 2300 4 bins past the max turbo with a h series chipset
  20. a lot of people say they dont want to but end up wanting to.
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