Memory not at correct speed

I have an Emachine EL1210-01e And i installed CPUID and noticed my Memory was not running at its 800Mhz it says its running at 320.0Mhz if i am correct?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have two of these in my system

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  1. This is common, alot of time computers will default to a lower setting. You are actually running at twice that (the first "D" in DDR is DOUBLE ) so its 640 (should be 666 buts that getting off topic). Normally you would adjust in the bios, but I'm not sure you'll have the options with emachines. If not, you could try in windows, but reallistically I don't think it'll make much real world difference.
  2. Yeah i am completely limited to what i can do in the BIOS, well if you would can you explain how i could try it in windows?
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