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I just bought Asrock Extreme 4 motherboard with i7 3770k. Whenever i switch on the system the CPU fan is too loud and once i boot into windows, it slows down, but whenever I run Ubuntu or I am not in windows, the fan speed is too high (i guess full speed). I have tried all the settings available in BIOS and also tried upgrading BIOS but no luck.

Please share your experiences with the same and probable solution. Will replacing stock cooler help here?

FYI..I do not play high end games, but use system for heavy development tools.

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  1. Experts.. please help
  2. Enable Fan Control and set the temp target to 40C and the target fan speed to 50%.
  3. ashish10 said:
    Experts.. please help

    I had this problem too, but my situation was a little different, since I had also purchased a Corsaire H60 liquid cool for CPU.

    When I connected the Corsaire according to the directions, the fan would run at 100%. The way I resolved it was to plug the pump into the 3 pin "cpu 2" connector, and moved the 4 pin fan to the 4pin case fan connector. The case fan connector would obey the BIOS setup, and run the fan at low target speed. The temperature stays under 38 C.

    It may seem like over kill to use the liquid cooler on this system, but it's low temperature, low noise, and uses less electricity.
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