Why isn't the 5970 in the charts?

In the GPU comparison charts (eg,2672.html) why isn't the 5970 included there?

I have one and I'd like to know how it ranks compared to the newest crop of cards, so I can decided if/when to upgrade.
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  1. The 5970 is an old card and you can see the age of it in the benchmarks.I think a pair of 6870's can outperform it.
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    The charts only show current gen because there is already a lot of cards on it. Another reason is the new cards are tested on a different rig and cpu might affect benchmarks. The 5970 is better than the 6970, certainly not showing its age. Saying that a 6970 is beat by 6870x2 so that's kind of a moot point.

    You can google benchmarks or your card vs other's. This site also has a more user friendly interface although I don't trust their benchmarks as much as Tom's.
  3. Look in the 2010 charts instead of the 2011 ones like you were.
  4. Actually the 6870 crossfire is stronger than the 5970 and a single 6970 according to that site.
  5. They took it off a while back because the microstuttering issue was so bad in some games that they didn't feel the FPS results were indicitive of the cards real performance, at least thats what I remember reading.
  6. 5970 should be about equal to a pair of 560's in SLI....
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