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Last response: in Networking
November 14, 2010 4:39:27 AM

I've been haveing trouble with my internet. We have confirmed that its something to do either with the modem or the cable company i was wondering since the modem is of course all i have access to. What signals should i try to get? From what i've read i need as close to 0 (Received Signal Strength) as possible. I managed to get it to 2.8 dBmV. I've got the power level up to 44.0 dBmV. I did manage to get my Received Signal Strength to -11.0 but from what i understand getting closer to 0 is better. Here are my specs right now any suggestions on levels?

Foward Path:
Signal Acquired at 555.000 MHz
SNR:36.8 dB
Received Signal Strength: 2.8 dBmV
Bit Error Rate: 0.000 %
Modulation: 256 QAM

Return Path:
Connection: Acquired
Frequency: 20.4 MHz
Power Level: 44.0 dBmV
Channel ID:1
Modulation: 16 QAM

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November 14, 2010 5:15:52 AM

What kind of modem are you using?
November 15, 2010 9:22:08 AM

Its an RCA modem the cable guy came in and put a tap on for me to keep the signal at 2.8 he said -6.0 is a perfect signal for my connection. But because the power level would reach above 50 he said 2.8 is the best i'm going to get without loseing my upload speed. In any case the speed is back and everything seems to run fine now. The idiot tech guy told me it should be 15dBmV or above. Cable tech said anything above 10.0 will mess with my connection.