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Blue Screen of Death

This is my first solo attempt at building a computer, and everything seemed to be running great until I got the BSOD.

After restart this is the message I get.


It happens when I put my computer to sleep, and then try to wake it. It does not happen all of the time either, just sometimes.

Also, I am running Windows 7 64 bit Professional.

Any ideas? Thank you.
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  1. Hi and Welcome to Toms Hardware!

    Sounds like you don't have a chipset driver to me, have you completed all windows updates (including optional update)

    Or installed a chipset driver?

  2. what hardware are you using?

    some older hardware doesnt like sleep on windows 7--i have an older socket 939 pc in my hallway for the grandkids and if you use sleep on it either it just wont come out of sleep or it will bsod on you

    other than that it works perfectly

    if its modern hardware then try combat wombats suggestion
  3. Using the MSI Live Update 5 (I have an MSI board) to see if anything is out of date. Otherwise all of my drivers should be installed. If not, the comp really wouldn't work at all, right?
  4. Whats the BSOD stop code/error message? That would help a ton narrowing the issue down...
  5. None of my 939 systems die trying to bring them back from sleep. I either keep it on or use hibernate.
  6. Nar, your system will still work if there is not chipset driver, it will just have issues relating OS tasks to operate hardware functions. Did you check the updates via "Windows Updates"?
  7. Yeah, all of my MS Windows updates are in order. My graphics driver is up to date. And my Bios are as well. Plus my audio. Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, where do I check my chipset drivers version. Can I do it in the device manager?
  8. It appears that I had an older chipset driver version. I just made sure everything was current and INSTALLED (I had dl the latest versions but never installed them). Thanks for the idea to check that combat wombat.
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    No prob.

    Use windows system info to check what chipset your running:

    then source the driver

    = win
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