Issue with system lockup

Specs :

Intel i5 2500k

8gb Gskill DDR3




Windows 7

I can get more specific later if I need too...typing this before bed

So basically I built this system about 6 months ago. Never had any issues playing Battlefield Bad Company 2. Then all of a sudden one day while playing about 2 or 3 months later, my PC just locks up. I get a errrrr sound out of my headphones ...the image on the monitor freezes and my PC stops responding. I have to hit the power button to restart.

The only thing on the PC that changed was I added a Logitech USB 6930 Wireless Headset and my ATI drivers have been updated. I thought the issue was Bad Company 2 related, but it happens with the Battlefield 3 beta and Star Wars The Old Republic Beta as well. It doesnt happen every day, but sometimes it happens several times in 1 day. I havent checked CPU or GPU temps since I built the system...but everything was cool after heavy gaming .

Can this be PSU related possibly? Something may be wrong with the circuit my PC is plugged into...just the other night the break flipped while playing and then 15 minutes later, the PC just completely shut down.

I havent tried switching to another circuit or removing the USB headphones yet, because I just realized yesterday this was not just BC2 related .

Any suggestions? Any diags I could run while waiting for this to happen that could log it?
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  1. Make sure your Cards are sitting in their slots properly. It is possible it is PSU related but it is also possible the GPU is acting up. Hard to know without going through the process of elimination.
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