Weird problem with display on laptop

I'm having a very interesting problem with a 15" MacBook Pro.

The computer was dropped a few feet onto a carpeted floor. The display now shows mosaic tiles all over, however, the mouse is clearly visible OVER the tiles (see picture).

I've posted in Apple discussions to no avail.

So far, I've reset the PRAM, NVRAM, SMC and booted into open Firmware. It actually started working again after a few PRAM resets but now it's back to the tiled-mosaic screen in the picture.

It's not the LCD, could it be the graphics chip?

Or maybe bad RAM???

Some insight greatly appreciated

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  1. It's a mac and you dropped it.
  2. Awesome answer... LOL
  3. :lol:

    This is nothing mac specific, it is common when the screen is flexed beyond what the glass panes can handle. You can replace the screen your self being that spares can be found online more easily thanks it being a mac but will be expensive.
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